Elders Council Meeting

The His Works United (HWU) Elder’s Council meets on the third Thursday of the month from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Please mark your calendars: HWU Elders Council Meeting 11:30 AM Thursday October 25th at New Oil COGIC New Oil Christian Center 116 East 32nd St. Minneapolis, MN.  RSVP so that you can be assured your share of the peach cobbler.
There is no more critical issue facing African American individuals and families than trauma.  Many, returning from war or reeling from the  destructive storms with winds measured at 155 mph, carry the telltale  signs of shock and disorientation that allow them to be labeled as traumatized.  The rest of the story is that factors from historical oppression, to abuse at the hands of police officers, to economic deprivation and more have caused experts to recognize that the African American community sits in a continuous trauma basin.  There is a great need for greater community awareness of issues concerning trauma and a compelling need to develop community capacity to deal with pain and dysfunction that come from continuous encounters with shock inducing realities.
This Elders Council is of great importance. Among our special guests will be Dr. Jon Pryor CEO of Hennepin Healthcare (formerly HCMC).  The health institution formerly known as HCMC is a nationally recognized trauma center.  Dr. Pryor will be able to share with us concerning the challenges that a major trauma center faces and we will review a partnership relationship we have developed with Hennepin Healthcare designed that we might search out and implement strategies to improve relationships with our community and this major health provider and to build community capacity and resilience.
As you know, we have had a constructive long term relationship with Fairview Health Services. We welcome the energy and genuine commitment that Dr. Pryor and his team at Hennepin Healthcare, which allows us the ability to expand our proactive pursuit of holistic health.  At our meeting we will outline the the exciting aspects of our collaboration to occur over the next 24 months, including the implementation of an important  nationally recognized 3 day training to allow pastors to develop skills to develop trauma informed congregations which will be offered in early December.
All churches are invited to participate.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Alfred Babington-Johnson at 612-521-3110 or [email protected] so he can get you on the contact list.
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