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Education Can’t Wait

Because of the pandemic, by July of 2020, it became apparent that students might not be able to return to their schools full time.  Prompted by the concern that African-American students are at the greatest danger of long-term loss from disruptions in the educational system; community education visionaries, Louis King and Eric Mahmoud were stirred to action.  They created S4 Learning Labs, an effort to create a model for safe and conducive learning environments for the children of our community. 

The model involved an ability to leverage access to the best instructors around the country through virtual tools and paired that access to the use of underutilized facilities in the community.  As they presented this concept to Stairstep/HWU we happily embraced the opportunity to have our church network as a partner in this important undertaking.  Of the first seven pods created for the pilot, three of our churches are involved.

Church Learning Pods

Family Life Center – Pastor Chris Thibodeaux

St. Peter’s AME – Pastor Jon Robinson

Zion Baptist Church – Pastor Brian Herron

We ♡ Community

We concluded that restoration of a spirit of community requires intentional approaches to encourage people to act as if they believe they belong together.


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